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Tailored tax reduction products offered online, fast. We offer products that reduce or eliminate your tax burden through secondary residency, restructuring and advice.

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We offer numerous benefits as we work towards your journey of reducing your tax burden

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We would never sell you something that doesn't fit you.
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Tax Reduction

We aim to reduce your tax burden. Up to 0% Taxes
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Secondary Passports

We believe everyone is entitled to freedom of movement.
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Turnkey Solution

Sit back and relax. We'll take care of this

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VISXA is pioneering a revolutionary platform designed exclusively for expatriates, with a sharp focus on tax optimization and tax relocation for a diverse range of individuals, from remote workers and digital nomads to anyone working from multiple locations around the world.

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Residency Locations


We have a list of residency locations to consider. All based on your unique circumstance


Customer Testimonials

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"From everything I've heard about Tax through secondary residency, I expected a complicated process. Visxa really took car of all the heavy lifting."
Josh Henry
Freelance Developer
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"Fast, affordable and efficient. The Visxa team were very helpful. I'd like to the Mo for the time taken to walk me through it. Much appreicated"
Mohamed Ismail
Business Consultant
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"Managed to get my tax down to 0! Very smooth online process."
Craig Wilson
Graphic Designer
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