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The VISXA community vision

Mohamed Aboshanab
posted on
September 15, 2021
Immigration lawyer

“The first problem that you will find — who can I trust to ask for advice about moving to a different place? That’s the first issue we'd like to address and solve.”  – Mohamed Abosbanab, VISXA founder.

VISXA is trying to solve a huge problem. First of all, the platform tries to help all the categories of travellers, immigrants, experts, remote workers, expats, investors and so on. Everyone is looking for professional advice.

The second thing that was discovered during our discovery phase - not all the problems can be solved by lawyers, experts, accountants etc. 

So the founder decided to open the partner level  and be able to add more professionals ranging from top lawyers and attorneys up to freelancers, tour operators and so on. 

“We can build a community around VISXA trying to address the problem from different points. We are not just aiming for the paid version of the service, but it will be an open community where you can go directly to the web-site and ask questions. And this question could be answered by anyone: by a lawyer or a freelancer.”

Only by combining the expertise of lawyers and experience of freelancers (which are totally different) a full picture will be created. 

Mohamed had discussed the product with VISXA partners  from Singapore, HongKong, India, South Africa and Ecuador who provide services for the travel industry. They said that they really like the idea of changing the mentality (maybe stereotypes?) about how the services could be provided. 

The pandemic changed the market. And now lots of specialists have limits and try to check the waters for other solutions. But sometimes, when the pandemic is over, it could be a travel boom. 

And now Mohamed and the Paralect Accelerator team want VISXA to be a leader in this market and they try to be ready with a platform to address the new requirements. 

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Mohammed Aboshanab
Immigration Expert