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Skilled Worker visa. Work in the UK

Mohamed Aboshanab
posted on
August 18, 2021

The UK is the perfect travel and immigration destination for people all over the world for all sorts of reasons. A skilled worker visa gives the opportunity to have a long-term stay in the country. 

UK immigration has been changed after Brexit. And in order to satisfy the need for the UK salesforce, the government has introduced a new type of visa that allows non-UK nationals to come to the UK. 

We can divide this type of visa into two categories.

First category

A company in the UK wants to hire you. In order to do this, the company needs to have a special license — certificate of sponsorship. This document has to be approved by the home office to bring non-UK nationals to work in the UK. 

They need to determine the payment, the type of contract and show that there are no employees with the same knowledge and skills for this job among UK nationals. 

That’s the easiest and straightforward. It normally takes from 8 to 12 weeks from applying to getting an application until you’ll be able to receive feedback. Sometimes it depends on unusual restrictions like lockdown or so on.

Some companies can take more time. The whole process may take 8 weeks, but this period could be changed if you have previous UK immigration history. If you have a good one — you can come to the UK much faster. If there are any problems — it can take much longer.

On the VISXA platform, we will partner with the companies and tell them: “We will do all this on your behalf. You don’t have to look for lawyers, or advisors to process your application. We can do this on the platform.” 

You don’t have to go look for lawyers or advisors to process your application. We will do this. On the platform you can upload documents, we will check them and the processor will provide you with much better rates than anyone else. 

And then, when you or the individuals would like to come to the UK, you can even use VISXA as a user, who will be able to track how much time it will take and what kind of fees to expect.

There are always three sides of the immigration story: government fees, professional fees, and hidden fees. We try to make these hidden fees as clear as possible.

Second category

For highly skilled workers the opportunities are different. Those who have at least a master’s degree or Ph.D. and have enough experience or qualifications, don’t need someone to sponsor them in the UK. They can prove that they are highly experienced and skilled and then go to the UK to look for a job. In this case, foreigners don’t need a company and job offer. 

The first VISXA should ask — your CV and immigration history. From this information, we will build a list of documents to be assured that you are qualified enough. Then we can start your application on your behalf. We will analyze if your experience, skills, and level of English fit this type of visa and that will take a lot of headache from your side.

We will discuss how much you will pay, what time is expected and if anything is missing in your application, we will note this from day one. You don’t need to wait for a couple of months. You will be put in touch with a qualified lawyer (the UK verified) to handle the application and move to the next step.

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Mohammed Aboshanab
Immigration Expert