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Moving to Canada for work

Mohamed Aboshanab
posted on
September 28, 2021

The Canadian immigration programs have been running for years. Unlike the UK, in Canada, it is not necessary to have a job offer before applying for a skilled worker visa. You need to have your profile with English or French accreditation languages to be approved, and then get an invitation from the federal government.

There are also some skilled programs that are available to several locations like Nova Scotia or Alberta. These are the locations with an urgent need for expert and qualified specialists to move to these remote areas. In these territories, the government lowers the skills and requirements and it is easier to apply.

“Countries like Canada will look for more immigrants in the coming 3-5 years because with the restrictions that happened during the pandemic, there will be a shortage in almost all the developed countries.” — Mohamed Aboshanab, VISXA founder

VISXA platform was launched to address such shortages with new technologies to make it faster, clearer and affordable. We can have the technology that we are building in VISXA to address such programs.

If you want to be provided with more information about immigration programs in different countries, fill in the form to have a free consultation with a certificated immigration lawyer.

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Mohammed Aboshanab
Immigration Expert