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Immigration details for IT-specialists

Mohamed Aboshanab
posted on
November 12, 2021

The changes in the workflow caused by the pandemic have opened a can of opportunities for IT specialists.

“New countries and new destinations are trying to offer incentives to remote workers and digital nomads.” — Mohamed Aboshanab, VISXA Founder.

Today there are lots of IT specialists who prefer to work abroad. They move not only to such popular destinations as Malta, Portugal, or Cyprus. Some digital nomads relocate to countries that were not considered perfect regions for nomads. For example, Ghana, Zanzibar, or Lebanon are becoming more popular among remote workers.

In these countries, governments make the visa restrictions more relaxed to attract specialists from all over the world.

“That could be a new way of generating revenues to emerging countries and frontier countries where that was not available before.” — Mohamed Aboshanab.

Two countries offer attractive visa regimes for relocants: Greece and Croatia.

In Greece, there are offers not just for remote workers but also for people who would like to relocate. If they resign their tax residency, they will have special conditions of tax payments in Greece.

In Croatia, there are a couple of cities, especially on the coast, which are called “nomad villages”. The foreigners have a very relaxed visa regime and can stay there for 12 months and then extend the documents.

If you want to learn more about the opportunities of working remotely, watch the video and visit

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Mohammed Aboshanab
Immigration Expert