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Immigration as a medical professional

Mohamed Aboshanab
posted on
November 29, 2021

In the UK and many other countries we can see the shortage in medical professionals. Therefore, the authorities of some countries decided to relax visa requirements for qualified medics.

For example, In the USA, when the pandemic started, it was a visa only for those, who could prove that they had medical expertise. The positions were grading from nurses up to qualified doctors. We have never seen something like this before.

In the UK the visa for medicals was either relaxed during the pandemic. But the salary and remuneration package was much more increased. The government even funded the relocation itself.

In some EU countries the situation is the same.

For example, If you are a doctor from India or Pakistan, and you have the opportunity to move to the UK, US or Canada, some hospitals may offer to pay the whole relocation package by themselves. They not just grant the visa, but they fund you for at least 6 months, so you can have a free travel process, including housing, the moving of the family, and a higher salary.

Before the pandemic you had to prove that you were medically qualified, and to wait some time for training before getting into the workforce in different countries.

Nowadays these requirements have been eliminated or reduced.

In VISXA we try to address mentality changes of moving professionals between borders with ease and less restrictions and problems.

Before the Pandemic there were 3 ways for foreigners to become medical professionals in the UK.

1st option. If you come from one of the EU countries, you don’t need to do requalification or confirm any special status. Your previous experience and qualification will be recognized.

The 2nd option. If the foreigner came from the country with a similar medical education,his experience and qualifiction would be accepted. But he would take training, requalify or take a test. If everything is ok, he could follow GMC and have a fast route.

In the 3d case, your experience and qualification won’t be accepted at all. You have to start the process from the beginning.You have to join the doctor syndicate, and requalify for a couple of years.

During the pandemic even these strict restrictions were eased. It became easier from medical professionals to relocate and work from the UK, USA and some EU-countries.

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Mohammed Aboshanab
Immigration Expert