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How to obtain a Fiance visa? Some details important to know

Mohamed Aboshanab
posted on
November 19, 2021

Getting married to a citizen of another country sometimes brings a lot of challenges.

If you want to travel with your partner with a nationality different from yours, you need to meet the minimum requirements.

For example, in the UK you don’t have to be married - You can be in a serious relationship for more than two years. But if you want to get a fiance visa, you need to sustain a certain minimum income.

In the US, it’s another way round. You have to be married. The marriage could be same-sex or different-sex, but it has to be legal in the country you contracted a marriage.

“I’ve known people that have been married for more than ten years, had kids, but they were not able to prove that they had a genuine relationship. A genuine relationship is that you continue to live together as a family. It could be proved by having joint bank statements, traveling together, raising kids together or some other documents.” - Mohamed Aboshanab, VISXA Founder.

In many countries, those who marry a foreigner need to have the certification of marriage, proof of relationship, and meet the requirements to prove the income.

You should prove that you are not getting into this relationship just in favor of obtaining the visa.

In VISXA, we would like to make this information much more publicly available, easy to understand, and digest.

If you try to get in touch with a service provider or someone who understands how to help you with the application, we will help you do this step to the next step.” - Mohamed Aboshanab.

If you want to discuss your case individually, sign up on the website and book a 15 minutes free call with an immigration lawyer!

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Mohammed Aboshanab
Immigration Expert