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Business immigration: programs important to know

Mohamed Aboshanab
posted on
October 23, 2021

The Pandemic caused a lot of changes in immigration processes. Today many countries are trying to find new ways to attract foreign entrepreneurs to come into the countries and start businesses.

Of course, there are lots of programs with different requirements. E.g., in some EU countries such as 🇲🇹Malta, 🇵🇹Portugal, 🇪🇸Spain, and 🇬🇷Greece, you can obtain a 5-years business visa by investing a fixed amount of money and employing from 5 to 10 residents. After five years, you can apply for a residence permit.

In the 🇬🇧UK, it’s a bit more complicated to obtain an investor visa. You should have 2 million sterling pounds and approve the funds.

Not so long ago, 🇸🇰Slovakia launched a new program. According to it, a foreigner can obtain a 1-year visa to start his business, invest and hire employees. A 5-years visa becomes available only if the businessman has made progress and proves he did everything he promised.

“There is more need and more demand in economies in the developed world to open more visa categories, especially for tech entrepreneurs and people who would like to move to the country to start business and employ locals” — Mohamed Aboshanab, VISXA founder🚀.

For tech specialists, several programs in 🇨🇦Canada and 🇨🇱Chile are available. The 🇹🇷Turkish government is preparing to implement the idea.

Some Asian countries, such as 🇸🇬Singapore and 🇭🇰Hong Kong, have numerous accelerators and investors but don’t label the programs as startup visas. The 🇦🇪UAE and 🇦🇪Mauritius are becoming more and more popular among foreign investors and entrepreneurs. 

If you need help to choose the right destination and business visa programs that fit your goals, apply for a free consultation with certified immigration lawyers and travel consultants.

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Mohammed Aboshanab
Immigration Expert